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'There is no therapist in the world as effective as an adoring bichon.'
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All information contained on these pages is offered as a helpful service.  It it not intended as medical counsel or taking the place of professional guidance. Please seek the services of  a competent veterinarian or professional dog trainer at the first indication of problems.

Moist eczema, Summer sores
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These are several soothing alternatives to try so that
you DO NOT have to allow your vet to
administer continual cortisone shots
that can suppress the immune system
& introduce some very negative ramifications.


Be very sure your dog doesn't have fleas!
Even one flea can be enough of an irritant to cause
much distress, digging and chewing.


Be very sure to keep your dog free of
clumps of tangled hair. 
Moisture can collect
under mats and cause irritation that leads to itchy hot spots.


Be very sure that ALL the shampoo is being rinsed from her/his baths.  Shampoo residue, bathing too frequently, and/or bathing too infrequently all contribute to skin irritation that causes dogs to chew/dig causing a break in the skin that become a HOT SPOT.

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All submitted by readers.  Please consult your veterinarian for serious health problems.

 The best, quickest and most accessible thing for hotspots
is the regular kind of
LISTERINE (or Absorbine Jr.)
Works well, easy to get.   Put a liberal amount on a clean cotton ball and dab it on the itchy area.  Repeat every hour or two if really itchy.


Gold Bond Powder - Put a bit in my hand then
place it over the hot spot. It works great and right away.


Soak HOT SPOT with Epsom or sea salt solution daily,
dry and swab with full strength apple cider vinegar if yeast infection;
dry and dust with corn starch if irritated.


You can also use topical sprays normally recommended
for Athletes' Foot or/or Jock Itch.


Eileen's vet suggests wetting a wash cloth with VERY hot water
and apply to hot spot. He said it gives relief for several hours.
PLEASE be CAREFUL not to BURN your dog!!

Submitted by:  Eileen Z

Wash the dog in Head 'n Shoulders (original) once a week to help
stop those awful itchy times.

Submitted by: Lennie, DVM

Warm compresses followed with a spritz of Bactine.
Most dogs don't like the taste and or smell. Plus it takes away the discomfort.

Submitted by Mary T.

Sprinkle Desenex on the Hot Spot as soon as you notice it. Then apply at least 4 times a day. It not only dries it up, but stops the itch - without stinging your pup. Works like a charm!
Submitted by: Lori

Is your Bichon ITCHY around the feet ?

For itchy feet, try soaking his/her little paws in warm water with Epsom Salts!
INSTRUCTIONS: Use approximately 1 Tablespoon Epsom Salts per Quart
of warm water ... (please be sure it is NOT TOO HOT!)

:  Soak itchy feet for about 15 minutes, three times a week for 3 weeks.

ASSURANCE: Many people have done this for a long time .. and be assured
 that the dogs actually LOVE it once they find out how soothing it is.

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