All illnesses need immediate veterinary care!!!


Common, highly contagious and often fatal. The virus attacks the central nervous system and destroys visual nerves and destroys the heart muscles. Survivors are usually impaired for the rest of their life. SIGNS: Diarrhea, high temperature, vomiting, nasal discharge, coughing and convulsions.

Bacterial disease that can affect both dogs and humans. Causes liver and kidney damage. Disease is spread by urine and rodents. The two main sources of this disease in the wild is rodents and deer. Extremely contagious. SIGNS: Fever, vomiting, ulcers in the mouth, and diarrhea. Can also cause abortions.

Several different bacteria and viruses can cause "Kennel Cough". The three most common of these are bordetella, parainfluenza and adenovirus type 2. A properly vaccinated animal is about 90% protected from this disease - nothing is 100%. We recommend vaccinating against "Kennel Cough" annually in addition to vaccinating your puppies. We also recommend using one of the Intra - Nasal vaccines for maximum effectiveness.


Vaccinated against by the Adenovirus type 2 (A2) or the "H" fraction of your vaccine. Attacks the liver and cells lining the blood vessels. SIGNS: High fever, edema and hemorrhage. Puppies and aged dogs are especially susceptible.

Severe disease that is usually fatal especially to puppies. SIGNS: Bloody stools & vomiting - which may also contain blood. Dehydration is usually present, and the animal will usually lapse into shock and die.


Similar to PARVO virus, only not as severe., however, puppies usually die from the disease. Only a state lab or university lab can isolate this virus from parvo to correctly diagnose which is present - and this is usually done at an autopsy.


Another disease that is often mistaken for Parvovirus. Differs only in its severity. Many veterinarians believe that it is ROTOVIRUS that weakens the animal and allows Corona and or Parvovirus to take hold with severe results.

Spread by ticks to most warm blooded animals - including humans. SIGNS: Poor appetite, lameness, fever, lethargy, behavioral changes, partial or total paralyzation. Symptoms similar to arthritis. Ft Dodge now has a vaccine to prevent this disease.


A viral infection that affects all warm blooded animals - including humans. Animals are usually infected by a bite wound and will usually exhibit signs of the disease in less than 5 months after infection. SIGNS: Very variable - may include salivation, seizures, aggressiveness, difficulty in swallowing, dumbness and death.



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