Disclaimer:  All information on the Bichon Frise Information is provided  as a service to bichon owners/lovers around the world.  It is in no way meant to serve as veterinary counsel.  Please consult your veterinarian at the first sign of a problem with you dog.


Expressing the
Anal Glands

Use one hand to hold up the dog's tail and pull it gently toward the head. Hold a disposable cloth or tissue in the other hand.

 Place your thumb externally over one anal gland and your fingers over the other.  

Press in and apply firm pressure as you pull your fingers posteriorly over the glands.  The glands should empty out into your tissue.

If that didn't work empty each sac separately.  Place your thumb externally over the sac and your gloved index finge over the same gland inside the rectum, then compress the sac between your thumb and finger.

Normal anal sac fluid should come out slightly yellow or brown in color.

Impacted sacs will be very difficult to express and the material may be pasty in texture and colored gray or black. 


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