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'There is no therapist in the world as effective as an adoring bichon.'
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All information contained on these pages is offered as a helpful service.  It it not intended as medical counsel or taking the place of professional guidance. Please seek the services of  a competent veterinarian or professional dog trainer at the first indication of problems.

Dogs need freedom to move about ....

Umbilical/Tethering Approach to Housetraining

(best if used in conjunction with crate training)

Attach your pup to a leash that is tied to your wrist or waist.
This allows him a certain amount of freedom while ensuring your constant supervision.
The pup cannot wander away to have an undetected "accident" and you can anticipate
the pup's need to void, taking him directly outside.

This method may be applied as an alternative to overnight crate confinement
or isolation in another part of your home. The pup may also be leashed to your bed overnight.
While some puppies may have "accidents" where they sleep, they may be less anxious
when their owners are nearby, and this may positively affect their behavior.

Key to Housetraining Success: 
Kindness, gentleness and patience!!!