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'There is no therapist in the world as effective as an adoring bichon.'
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All information contained on these pages is offered as a helpful service.  It it not intended as medical counsel or taking the place of professional guidance. Please seek the services of  a competent veterinarian or professional dog trainer at the first indication of problems.

   Pet's  Vital Signs   

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Normal Heart Rate


70 - 160 beats / minute 160 - 240 beats / minute
Normal Respiratory Rate 10 - 30 breaths / minute 20 - 30 breaths / minute
Normal Temperature 101 - 102.5 F 101 - 102.5 F

How Do You Check Vital Signs?

  Technique Recording Results
Heart Rate Hand over the heart Count beats for 15 seconds and multiply by 4
Respiration Observe flank motion or place a wet finger (pocket mirror) over the nares Count the rate over 15 seconds and multiply by 4
Temperature Use rectal or digital thermometer.   Insert for one minute into the rectum or use the external ear canal.   Try the new infared thermometers ( 2 seconds!)! Record degrees F


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