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White Dog Shaker Syndrome
isn't a very scientific name, but it describes the condition exactly.

Small white dogs (Maltese, West Highland white terriers, Bichon Frise) can develop tremors for unexplained reasons that can be very severe. These dogs usually have really bizarre eye movements and get much worse when excited or stressed.

The usual treatment for this is to give diazepam (Valium Rx) to control the tremors and prednisone because we don't know what else to do.

Many (most?) of these dogs recover but there may be residual or recurrent problems all of their lives. They can live with the tremoring, even if it persists, in most cases. Keeping the house as quiet as is reasonable, avoiding stress and excitement are helpful for long term management.

Lead poisoning can look very much like this syndrome. So can organophosphate poisoning and hypocalcemia (although that usually occurs after giving birth to puppies). It is possible to rule out these conditions through blood testing and the history of the case. Obviously, if you didn't apply an organophosphate insecticide it isn't too likely your dog was exposed, for example.

This is a pretty rare condition for most vets to see -- I have been practicing 18 years and have only seen it once or twice.

Mike Richards, DVM